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Halloween is Here at Bayberry Cove!

Posted on August 27, 2014

Halloween is here at Bayberry Cove!  We are excited to roll out our new collection of spooky, charming, and adorable Halloween collectibles.  We have whimsical figurines for every taste, and many artists to choose from.

All items in our store are already 20% (or more) off retail, and this holiday season we offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

And…use the coupon code SPOOKY for $5 off of your order of $40 or more!


Thanksgiving and Christmas will be coming soon, and we will let you know just as soon as our Holiday collections are ready to brighten your home!


Americana Specials – 28% OFF

Posted on July 22, 2014



Americana Collections are now 28% off for a limited time.  We feature a SPECIALS page on our site each month, so after each Holiday you can realize big SAVINGS here at Bayberry Cove!  Great Aon holiday figurines, box signs, vintage art, and more.

All items in our store are already 30% (or more) off retail, and if you use the promo code FLAGSHIP you will receive free shipping on all orders of $40 or more for a limited time.  This offer won’t last long, so take advantage now here at Bayberry Cove.

So order today and you will receive 28% off Americana / July 4th items, and also free shipping on all orders of $40 or more…a double discount!

Take advantage today>>  Americana “Specials”

Gloria by Lori Mitchell with pig tails and US Flag    Lady Liberty by Lori Mitchell    Sparky by Lori Mitchell    Little Patriotic Boy by Lori Mitchell    Uncle Doodle Dandy with USA top hat





Here at Bayberry Cove, we are very busy getting ready for the Holidays!  We will be sending you an e-mail in a few short weeks (August) with our Halloween 2014 Collection, and it is going to be spectacular.  Lots of whimsy and the most unique holiday collectibles online.  Thanksgiving and Christmas will be soon thereafter, and we will let you know just as soon as our Holiday collections are ready to brighten your home!

Bayberry Cove has been the online leader for vintage folk art and holiday collectibles since 1999, and we offer the very best collection from all of your favorite artists: Lori Mitchell, Bethany Lowe, Nicol Sayre, and more!


Collectibles vs. Antiques vs. Vintage


Among art enthusiasts, there is often debate about the definition of these three terms.  “Collectibles” generally stays above the fray, but the other two often get mired in discussion.

First, for the easy one.  A collectible piece or figurine just means that it was designed for people to collect.  And different folks have a different take on what a worthy collection might be.  Some only collect Halloween witches, while others prefer jolly Old St. Nick.  The variety covers the proverbial spectrum, and there is no right collection for every collector.  They’re as different as the collectors themselves.  Collectibles are not necessarily a step off in quality, but rather just a higher volume in circulation to satisfy the appetites of the world of collectors…and there are many.

“Antiques” vs. “Vintage” starts to brave a more nuanced concept, and the opinions vary quite a bit.  Antiques, according to the U.S. Customs Office is an item that is at least 100 years old.  That’s old, even in dog years!  Antiques from this era are often marked by supreme craftsmanship and detail, and this can produce very valuable items.

“Vintage,” on the other hand, is more open in terms of the era it is from.  Some feel that vintage can be as new as 20 years ago, while others maintain that the hallmark of “vintage” is only reserved for items 50 years old or older.  Those from the latter school of thought will argue that the true vintage era is from 1920 to 1965, and that these years are the only window to vintage.  No matter your opinion, we all agree that folk art, figurines, and holiday collectibles from times past are indeed very appealing, and this nostalgia is not only interesting, but good for the soul.  We hope to see you soon at Bayberry Cove.

Octavia's Super Snowflake by Karen & Mary Hammerschmidt     Barney Boo Kitty by Lori Mitchell

Summer at Bayberry Cove

Posted on June 12, 2014

Summer is finally here, and we are all getting excited about the beach, summer BBQ’s, family time, and yes, America’s birthday!  Independence Day is coming soon, so make sure your home décor is ready for your July 4th celebrations.  Bayberry Cove has its July 4th and Everyday vintage folk art from your favorite artists, and these unique figurines and ornaments will fill your home with patriotic pride and warmth year-round.  These pieces radiate American pride, from Franklin Freedom to the statuesque strength of Lady Liberty.  Your entire family will admire these creations, from Grandpa down to your youngest family members.


The Lori Mitchell collection is full of brilliant, stately figurines that will round out any holiday collection.  All of these adorable collections are reproductions of original hand-painted designs, and the handicraft is impeccable.


Use the Coupon Code “JULY4” to receive $5 off of any order of $50 or more.  Valid through 7/1/14.  All orders placed by Friday, 6/20/14 are guaranteed delivery by 6/27/14.


Click here for our July 4th Collection


Wishing you a safe and wonderful summer from Bayberry Cove!

 Franklin Freedom by Lori Mitchell    Lady Liberty by Lori Mitchell    Little Betsy Ross by Lori Mitchell    Aye Aye Adam by Lori Mitchell    Sparky by Lori Mitchell Little Patriotic Boy by Lori Mitchell    Sizzling Surprise by Alycia Matthews    Sparkler Cupcake Picks - Box of 6 by Bethany Lowe    Truth & Theo by Teena Flanner  Americana Vintage Image Pillows - Set of 2 by Bethany Lowe  July 4th Candle Trimmer by Bethany Lowe   Gloria by Lori Mitchell with pig tails and US Flag   Uncle Doodle Dandy with USA top hat


New 2012 Halloween Collection from Greg Guedel

Posted on July 19, 2012

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It is always exciting to receive our new Collections. Today we received Greg Guedel’s 2012 Halloween Collection ~  Greg brings us these spooky figures to help us celebrate the season. I invite you to take a peek, and don’t be too frightened! ~ Enjoy!

Just Arrived: Wendy Addison’s 2012 Christmas Collection

Posted on July 13, 2012

Fascinated with antiques at a young age, Wendy captures old world romance in her vintage style paper and glass glitter crafts. Her passion for Victorian sensibilities is “about using simple materials to create magic.”

Bayberry Cove is proud to offer the entire lines of Wendy’s authorized reproductions brought to life by Seasons of Cannon Falls, also known as Midwest. ~ Since 2004.

featured artist: Lesa Dailey

Posted on July 8, 2012

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Welcome Lesa Dailey! We are now carrying her entire lines of authorized reproductions here at Bayberry Cove! We invite you to shop her page.
Lesa was always encouraged to create things from an early age. From clothespin dolls to inventive accessories, imagination seemed to abound. A love for all things vintage, and enjoying the thrill of the hunt in flea markets and little out of the way antique shops there always seems to be something singing with inspiration to her. The need to pull character out of ordinary and everyday things such as a roll of crepe paper or Styrofoam seem to always lend fuel to the flame for creating.
From doing folk art shows to creating things for patterns to be used in her friend Renee Nannemans Need’l Love Company’s books there never seems to be a shortage of outlets to create things for. Lesa has worked for Renee for many years in her company, where she always encouraged her to expand in so many creative areas including photo styling and design in many new mediums within the world of fiber arts.
Lesa lives in a little cottage home in the Kansas City area where art seems to thrive. Enjoying her family and meeting new friends always seems to inspire!


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