Hello, Bayberry Cove Friends!~~~

Ok, so we admit it, most of our items here at Bayberry Cove have more of a sweet look about them…not much of a spooky factor but we do believe that you can get plenty of scares and screams out of your loved ones when pairing them with your Halloween decorations or others from our website!

Spooky! This Mummy on Wagon by Vergie Lightfoot will bring chills to your haunted home!

Sweet! This Midnight Pumpkin Ride by Bethany Lowe is sweet with a touch of spooky.

And Spooky Sabella by Jenene Mortimer is more sweet than “spooky” as her banner proclaims!

Have fun with these great pieces that will bring meaning to many Halloweens in the future!

All My Best To You!~~~Debbie